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Seeking a blend of aesthetics, function, and value in a keyboard? Join us as me unravel the features, pros, and cons of the Nuphy Air75 V2. Discover if it stands out as the ideal tool for your digital endeavors.

Published: October 22, 2023
Nuphy Air75 V2 top view

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Crafting this website from scratch meant countless hours of coding, and guess what? All of it channeled through my keyboard. It's more than just a tool; it's the bridge between my thoughts and the digital canvas.

I've always wanted a keyboard that's portable, has a great design, is Mac and Windows compatible, and lets me customize it just the way I like. That led me to the Nuphy Air75 v2. But did it live up to the hype? Let's find out.

Quick Glance: Pros and Cons

For those who like a snapshot without wading through details:
Here is my rating of the Nuphy Air75 V2:


Yes, that is pretty green! I've become quite the enthusiast for the Nuphy Air75 V2. Striking a harmonious balance between construction, features, and aesthetics, it has effortlessly replaced my erstwhile Epomaker TH80 and stands as my steadfast work companion.


  • Really well build quality
  • Every surface feels just premium
  • QMK/VIA compatible making providing extensive and easy to setup customization options
  • Very good typing experience and sound
  • Compact yet stylish design, epitomizing portability


  • Steep shipping fees (at least to Germany)
  • Limited customization options for keycaps

Aesthetic and Build

The design, which is of course subjective, is truly impressive. Not just the keyboard itself, but also the packaging and the wrist rest I purchased are exceptionally designed. The surfaces boast a matte and smooth finish. Each key feels secure and provides a satisfying click. The two LED bars on either side of the keyboard are more than just decorative—they also indicate the battery level. You can find all these little nice details all over the keyboard.

Nuphy Air75 V2 top view rotated

The PBT keycaps have a super smooth finish and providing a really good typing comfort. I am super impressed by the even sound of the space bar, the stabilizers are doing a great job here. Time will see how well the keycaps will last after excessive usage.

Nuphy Air75 V2 back view

The Nuphy Air75 V2 weighs slightly more than its predecessor at 598 grams, making it feel substantial. The aluminum frame and polished metal backplate lend it a solid and premium feel. For adjusting the keyboard angle, there are foldable rubber feet available in two sizes.

Nuphy Air75 V2 side view

One thing that bothers me quite a lot when it comes to keycaps is the limited options for low-profile keycaps. Nuphy does sell some keycap sets, but there seems to be a significant lack of customizability. I think the original keycap set looks decent, but you can't replace the bright yellow space bar without purchasing a whole new keycap set. I'd love to see a mint green or even a plain black space bar as an alternative to give the keyboard a more professional appearance.

Sound Test

In my experience, the Nuphy Air75 V2 delivers exceptional sound straight out of the box. I opted for their standard red 2.0 low profile switches. While I don't consider myself an exceptionally fast typist, I've noticed a boost in my typing speed from an average of 70 wpm to 85 wpm, especially in comparison to my previous, non-low profile keyboard. Acoustically, the keyboard holds its own, though there's occasional rattle which could be intrinsic to its low-profile design. I'm contemplating some modifications that might enhance the sound slightly. Nevertheless, for a pre-built keyboard in its price range, I'm genuinely impressed by its smooth sound quality.

Performance and Features

Battery Life and Connectivity

The keyboard boasts a 1000Hz polling rate, ensuring optimal performance even for gaming enthusiasts. Nuphy estimates a battery lifespan of approximately 35~57 hours with all lights activated, and up to 220 hours when lights are off. In my testing, I found myself recharging after 12 days—though I don't spend 8 hours typing non-stop, which means their metrics seem fairly accurate. Prior to purchasing the Nuphy Air75 V2, I was apprehensive about connectivity, given my past experience and the Air75 V1's not-so-stellar reviews in this department. To my delight, Nuphy has made significant improvements, enabling swift connections both via Bluetooth and 2.4GHz.

Finally QMK/VIA made it into a Nuphy keyboard

VIA User interface screenshot

As a programmer I love QMK/VIA since it is a open source software that lets you remap keys, customize light and has rich platform support. You can even use the web client to configure your keyboard without the need of downloading a driver. Nuphy provides quite clear instructions on how to use the VIA user interface, you can find it here.

Value for its price

Spending over $100 for a keyboard seems crazy to some people. I think it's quite affordable for a tool that I use everyday at work. The Nuphy Air75 V2 comes with a price of $119.95, since I pre-ordered it I had the chance to get a free white keycap set and a discounted wrist rest.

The real pain for me was the shipping fee, I had to pay $24.99 just for shipping to germany. For me that is almost no-go when it comes to order items in general. I almost did not order it just because of that. In the end I am very glad I did, but that is something to consider.

Overall I paid around $150 for the keyboard coming with a wrist rest and an extra pair of keycaps. I think this price is a real good deal taking the build quality and its features into account. People who are a bit deeper in the mechanical keyboard hobby know that this is a quite low to mid tier price tag.

Keychron S1 - Alternative to the Air75 V2

Keychron S1 as Alternative to Air75 V2

$109.99 at Amazon

Not many keyboards offer the feature set that comes with low-profile models, but within our extensive keyboard collection, there are some gems that do. Take a moment to browse through our selection here.

If you're in search of something comparable, the Keychron S1 is a standout. It also comes with QMK/VIA support, a low profile, hot-swappable switches, and a 75% layout. Now, I haven't had the pleasure of calling this keyboard my own, but I did get to test it out once. It really held its own, especially considering the price. But if I had to pick, I'd lean towards the Nuphy Air75 V2 every time. The build quality just feels more premium, more substantial. The Keychron S1, while a tad more wobbly and lighter, could be just the ticket if you're after top-notch portability and you're really into the feel of the keyboard and keycaps.

Overview of Specifications

Feature Specification
Layout ANSI 75%
Number of Keys 84
Hot-swappable Support Yes
N-key Rollover Support Yes
Backlight RGB-LED
Compatible Systems macOS/ Windows/ Linux/ Android/ iOS
Battery Capacity 4000mAh
Working Time (all lights on) 35~57 hours
Working Time (all lights off) Up to 220 hours
Frame Aluminum
Bottom Case ABS
Keycap Double-shot PBT
Dimensions 316.4 mm x 132.5 mm x 13.5 mm
Weight 598 grams
Mode 2.4GHz, Bluetooth or Wired (USB-C)
2.4GHz Polling Rate 1000Hz
Bluetooth 5.1 Polling Rate 125Hz
Wired Polling Rate 1000Hz

Conclusion and Recommendation

After spending considerable time with the Nuphy Air75 V2, I've found it to be a reliable and well-crafted keyboard. Its build quality, battery life, and the inclusion of QMK/VIA support are commendable, making it a strong contender in its price range. However, it's not without its imperfections—the limited keycap customization options being the most evident. I hope Nuphy addresses this in future iterations.

For gamers, the responsiveness and performance of the Air75 V2 will not disappoint. Its 1000Hz polling rate ensures swift reactions, essential for competitive gameplay. Meanwhile, office professionals will appreciate its sleek design and the versatility it offers through software customization.

In summary, while the Nuphy Air75 V2 may not be the absolute 'perfect' keyboard for everyone, it's a solid choice that has a lot to offer. Both gamers and office users should consider giving it a try.

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