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Coolkiller CK98 Mechanical Keyboard

CoolKiller CK98 Math / Ice Blade Tactile Switch
Coolkiller CK98
CoolKiller CK98 Math / Ice Blade Tactile Switch

Technical Specifications

Product type:
Normal Profile
Layout size:
90%, 98%
Layout standard:
Layout ergonomics:
Knob support:
Rgb support:
Display support:
Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz
Battery capacity:
3750 mAh
Mount style:
Plate Mount, Gasket Mount
Case material:
Keycap material:

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CoolKiller CK98 Hot Swappable Mechanical...
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CoolKiller CK98 Mechanical Keyboard
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CoolKiller CK98
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Price history

Product Description

Customized Keyboard with Smart Display

The CK98 is a customized keyboard designed for fun and playability. It features a 1u-sized mini displayer that adds a new level of functionality to your keyboard. The mini displayer can be used to separate function keys and navigation keys, or it can be turned into a CPU/GPU monitor, internet speed meter, clock, mood chart, editing indicator, or anything else you desire. With the CK98, the possibilities for customization are endless.

Triple Modes for Unlimited Connectivity

The CK98 offers three different connection modes: Type-C wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4GHz. This allows you to connect the keyboard to any device you want without any limitations. The Bluetooth 5.1 connection is faster and more stable than Bluetooth 5.0 keyboards, and it consumes less energy, resulting in longer battery life. The 2.4GHz connection has also been upgraded for faster response and less latency. Additionally, the keyboard comes with a Type-C cable for wired typing, charging, and driver settings, providing you with the reassurance of a tangible wire when needed.

Satisfying Tactile Switch and Hot-Swappable Feature

The CK98 features a tactile coolkiller ice blade switch that offers a satisfying typing experience. The switch has a long stem and slightly shorter travel time, with an earlier operating and bottom-out point compared to classical tactile switches. This makes it ideal for gamers and heavy typists. The shortened travel emphasizes the tactile bump, resulting in a more prominent clicky sound and clear confirmation of each stroke. The keyboard is also hot-swappable, allowing you to easily try out different sets of switches without any hassle.

Gasket Mount for Enhanced Typing Experience

The CK98 is a gasket mount keyboard, which means that the plate is supported and sandwiched by pieces of gaskets instead of being in direct contact with the top or bottom frame. This design choice ensures a firm and soft typing feel across all keys, eliminating any shakiness or excessive hardness. The gasket structure and extra silicon pads also prevent noises caused by plate bumping to the case, resulting in improved switch sound. The stabilizer for big keys further reduces unwanted noises and provides stable support for smooth keystrokes. The steel bar is upgraded with resistant memory steel in nitinol, making it less likely to bend during shipping.

Seamless Switching between Multiple Devices

The CK98 offers seamless switching between Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. With its vast compatibility and easy transition, you can effortlessly switch between phones, laptops, and tablets. The visible win/mac switch on the side of the keyboard allows you to flip between different systems in Bluetooth mode with ease. The keyboard can also remember up to three devices, enabling multitasking and multi-screen collaboration.

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