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Epomaker TH96 Pro Mechanical Keyboard

EPOMAKER TH96 Pro Kit Triple-mode / Grey
Epomaker TH96 Pro
EPOMAKER TH96 Pro Kit Triple-mode / Grey

Technical Specifications

Product type:
Keyboard Kit
Normal Profile
Layout size:
Layout standard:
Layout ergonomics:
Knob support:
Rgb support:
Display support:
Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz
Battery capacity:
5000 mAh
Mount style:
Gasket Mount
Case material:
Keycap material:

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Product Description

Brand EPOMAKER Model TH96 Barebone Kit

The Epomaker TH96 is a powerful keyboard packed with functionality in a premium design. Thanks to the special structural design, the TH96 feels completely solid due to the stainless steel plate, which adds weight and strength to the board. It is designed featuring the silicone gasket mount structure, added silicone sound-absorbing foam, poron foam utilization, and a thick silicone damping bottom pad which all provide a responsive and peaceful typing sound.

Hot Swappable PCB with South-Facing LED

Being hot-swappable, the keyboard can be installed with 3-pin and 5-pin switches without soldering issues. What's more, the TH96 is designed with south-facing RGB to better illuminate the keyboard backlight from the typist’s perspective. The south-facing RGB is also free from interference if the user decides to install Cherry-profile alternative keycaps on their keyboard. With more than 19 types of RGB backlight settings as well as a static white backlight option, you can further fine-tune the RGB hue, saturation, brightness, and effect speed with ease.

Triple-Mode with Bluetooth & 2.4GHz & Type C

Equipped with custom chips, the TH96 can be connected by either Bluetooth (up to 5.0) or 2.4GHz. It can connect up to 3 devices wirelessly for seamless multitasking across your laptop, phone, and tablet. The modes can be easily switched by Fn+1!/2@/3#(Bluetooth) / 4$(2.4GHz) / 5%(USB Wired).

Programmable by Supportive Software

Aiming to be a custom keyboard, the TH96 is also programmable by the supportive software. Creating macros, remapping keys, and even the knob is easily accessible in the software. Per-key RGB changing is open for all, so you can also customize the RGB light if you are not satisfied with the current RGB effects. Put a bit of your personality into the keyboard and it will stand out on your desktop!

Amazing RGB Backlight Effects

The TH96 is preset with quite a few stunning RGB backlight effects. Simply press keys to switch between each other. Backlight effects will go with most keyboards and make a good match. It is easy to control light brightness and speed, so that you will make a custom keyboard.

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