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Skyloong GK68X/GK68XS Mechanical Keyboard

SKYLOONG GK68X/GK68XS Kit GK68XS / Plastic / Black
Skyloong GK68X/GK68XS
Skyloong GK68X/GK68XS
SKYLOONG GK68X/GK68XS Kit GK68XS / Aluminium / Purple
SKYLOONG GK68X/GK68XS Kit GK68XS / Plastic / Black

Technical Specifications

Product type:
Keyboard Kit, Keyboard
Normal Profile
Layout size:
Layout standard:
Layout ergonomics:
Knob support:
Rgb support:
Display support:
Battery capacity:
1900 mAh
Mount style:
Case material:
Aluminum, Plastic
Keycap material:

Purchase Options

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Price history

Product Description

Upgrade your GK68X/GK68XS

Who said that you can only upgrade your switches and keycaps? The standalone cases allow for you to upgrade your GK68XS from the comfort of your own home. Choose between the bold, heavy aluminium case, the sophisticated wooden case or the bright and colourful acrylic case. Make your keyboard truly yours and choose the perfect case to fit your keycaps!

Ultimate RGB Design

Released due to popular demand, the acrylic case allows for a full view of the bright RGB lights. Make your keyboard truly yours with the 16M+ Lighting options to fit any keycap set. Make your own light show by using the powerful software available for the GK68X/GK68XS.

Bold Acrylic Design (GK68XS kit ONLY)

Step your RGB game to the next level with the new acrylic GK68X/GK68XS. Through the use of see-through acrylic material with the beautiful, sharp angled bezels, the keyboard utilizes RGB strips which allow for it to be one of the brightest and boldest keyboards on the market. Feel like having the keyboard match one of your favourite keycap sets? Just change your bezel to match too!

Premium Aluminium Cases

The cases we are known for, and now you can buy them individually. Fancy swapping out or trying a new colour? No problem. We have two colours for you to choose from to make your dream keyboard a reality. Aluminium is known for its structural integrity and weight, which will make the typing experience feel better and give a more premium feeling to the keyboard.

Sophisticated, Yet Classy

The wooden case is another new addition out by popular demand. Wooden boards are a great addition to any office, or someone that wants a more minimal and classy look to their keyboard. We’ve got you covered!

Three Layers Programmable Modes

User Defined Mode: Press FN+W, 1 white light will turn on, and then you are in onboard layer-1 to customize your keyboard; press FN+W again to back to normal keyboard. Mac OS Mode: Press FN+E, 2 white light will turn on and then you are in onboard layer-2, Mac OS keyboard mode, press FN+E again to back to normal keyboard. FNX Adjustable Function Define Mode: Press FN+R, 3 white light will turn on, and then you are in onboard layer-3 to customize your keyboard; press FN+R again to back to normal keyboard.

Keycaps and Switches are not included, you need to buy them separately.

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