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VALKYRIE VK87 Gasket Mechanical Keyboard

VALKYRIE VK87 Gasket Mechanical Keyboard VK87-Black(Mist switch) / Three mode
VALKYRIE VK87 Gasket Mechanical Keyboard VK87-Black(Mist switch) / Three mode

Technical Specifications

Product type:
Normal Profile
Layout size:
Layout standard:
Layout ergonomics:
Knob support:
Rgb support:
Display support:
Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz
Battery capacity:
Mount style:
Gasket Mount
Case material:
Keycap material:

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VALKYRIE VK87 Gasket Mechanical Keyboard
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Product Description

The VALKYRIE VK87 Gasket is a compact three-mode mechanical keyboard with an 87-key 80% TKL layout. It features a streamlined design and comfortable typing feedback. The keyboard is equipped with a built-in 0.85” TFT display screen that can be customized with animated gifs or images. With custom-developed mechanical switches and hot-swappable sockets, the VK87 offers enhanced typing response and easy switch replacement. The gasket-mounted structure provides a comfortable typing experience, and the keyboard offers versatile connectivity options. It also has a dynamic RGB backlight with 20 different lighting effects and incredible battery life.

Streamlined 80% Layout

The VALKYRIE VK87 is a compact mechanical keyboard with an 80% TKL layout. It has an 87-key arrangement, including function row keys, home-key clusters, and arrow keys. Despite its compact design, the keyboard is suitable for various scenarios.

Built-in Colorful Display Screen

The VK87 features a built-in 0.85” display screen that adds a premium and advanced touch to the keyboard. Users can customize the display with animated gifs or static images, allowing for personalization and customization.

Customized Mechanical Switches & Hot-Swappable Sockets

The VK87 is equipped with custom-developed mechanical switches that offer comfortable typing feedback. The Mist linear switch has an operating force of 33±5gf and a pre-travel of 4.0±0.4mm, providing a light trigger force and quick rebound. The keyboard also supports full-key hot-swappable sockets, allowing for easy switch replacement.

Comfortable Gasket Structure

The gasket-mounted structure design of the VK87 provides a smooth and satisfying typing experience. The keyboard has an elastic feel, offering comfortable feedback and making it suitable for long hours of usage.

Versatile Connection Options

The VK87 supports three-mode connectivity options, allowing users to connect the keyboard as they prefer. It supports Wireless Bluetooth V5.1, wireless 2.4GHz, and wired USB Type-C connections. The keyboard also supports easy switching between Windows and Mac systems.

Dynamic RGB Backlight

The VK87 features a dynamic RGB backlight function, offering 20 different lighting effects. Users can fully customize the lighting with different modes, speed settings, and brightness settings, allowing for a personalized and visually appealing keyboard experience.

Long-Lasting Battery

The VK87 houses a large-capacity battery that provides a long-lasting battery life. With a single charge, the keyboard has a rated battery life of up to 48 hours (with the backlight turned off), ensuring extended usage without frequent recharging.

  • Layout size: 80%
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth; 2.4 GHz
  • Layout standard: ANSI
  • Mount style: ANSI
  • Hot swappable
  • Dimensions: 361.62x134.31x40.6mm

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