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Kono Miami Keycaps Set

DSA Miami Keycap Set

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DSA Miami Keycap Set
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Product Description

Welcome to the Kono Miami, a keyboard designed to embrace the iconic colors of the original Miami. This keycap set is a loving reimagining of the vintage charm, brought to life by the original manufacturer. With modern manufacturing techniques, the Kono Miami blends nostalgia with contemporary aesthetics.

Authenticity in Every Key

The Kono Miami keycaps maintain the exact colors of the original Miami, paying tribute to a unique style that keyboard enthusiasts continue to love. These keycaps are not mere replicas, but a sincere homage to an era that defined keyboard aesthetics. They allow users to feel a connection with history as they type.

Quality Meets Creativity: Washington's Finest

The Kono Miami keycaps are newly created in Washington, USA. They undergo a double-shot molding process using high-quality ABS double-shot plastic. This ensures a durable design that won't wear out, allowing the legends on the keycaps to remain sharp and vibrant, even during late-night typing sessions and creative endeavors.

The DSA Profile: A Modern Twist

The Kono Miami features the innovative DSA profile, adding a fresh dimension to the classic Miami design. The low, uniform profile of the keycaps enhances typing comfort and efficiency, while also adding a touch of sophistication to your keyboard.

  • Original Miami colors for authentic style
  • Made in Washington, USA with precision and care
  • Quality ABS double-shot plastic for long-lasting appeal
  • DSA Profile for a modern yet comfortable typing experience


  • Profile: DSA
  • Compatibility: Cherry MX Switches
  • Material: ABS double-shot plastic

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