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ePBT Acid House & Sweet Girl Keycaps Set

ePBT Acid House & Sweet Girl

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ePBT Acid House & Sweet Girl
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Product Description

The ePBT Acid House & Sweet Girl is a stunning keyboard set that draws inspiration from acid art. It features a vibrant color scheme of pink and light blue, with white accents, making it a visually appealing addition to any keyboard setup. The keycaps are made of ABS material and have a Cherry profile, providing a comfortable typing experience.

Keyboard Kit

The ePBT Acid House & Sweet Girl keyboard kit is designed with a gasket mount structure, which helps to reduce typing fatigue and improve overall typing feel. It has a 60% WK/HHKB layout, making it compact and space-saving. The kit includes a PCB, plate, stabilizers, gaskets, switch foam, and a bottom silicone pad. Please note that keycaps and switches are not included.

Aviator Cable

Complete the look of your keyboard with the Acid House Aviator cable. This Type-C to A coiled cable features a matching gradient polyolefin coil shrink and a white polyolefin host cable shrink. The detachable connector is an Aviator with 5 pins, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. The total cable length is approximately 106cm, with an 18cm coil length and a 25mm outer coil diameter. Manufactured by KBDFans, this cable is a perfect match for the Acid House & Sweet Girl keyboard set.


  • Color: Pink, light blue
  • Accent color: White
  • Profile: Cherry
  • Material: ABS

Experience the vibrant and energetic vibes of the ePBT Acid House & Sweet Girl. With its eye-catching colors and high-quality construction, this keyboard set is sure to elevate your typing experience.

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