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Epomaker Earl Grey Keycaps Set

Epomaker Earl Grey Keycaps

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Epomaker Earl Grey Keycaps
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Product Description

The Epomaker Earl Grey is a Cherry profile keycaps set designed to enhance your typing experience on your computer keyboard. With its classic key shape and comfortable height and angle slope, this set provides a worry-free DIY journey for keyboard enthusiasts.

Earl Grey-A Brand-new Color Scheme

Inspired by the famous British tea, Earl Grey, Epomaker has designed this keycaps set with a color scheme that reflects the essence of this classic tea. The creme and black color combination is complemented with a fierce red accent, along with a few dark purple and beige white keycaps. This elegant yet strong color combination adds a touch of grace to your keyboard.

Dye Sublimation PBT Keycaps

The Epomaker Earl Grey keycaps set is made from PBT material and adopts dye sublimation technology. This ensures a smooth and oil-proof surface texture that won't leave fingerprints, even after long hours of use. The durable PBT material and dye sublimation printing process guarantee a long-lasting and vibrant keycap set.

168 Keys Set with Extra Keys

In addition to the basic full keycaps, the Epomaker Earl Grey set also includes extra replacement keycaps. This allows for more freedom in customizing and matching your mechanical keyboard keycaps. With its compatibility with MX structure switches such as Cherry, Gateron, and Kailh, this keycaps set is a perfect replacement for most popular keyboards in the market. Get it at a bargain price and make a wise choice, as you won't be disappointed.

Extra Keys Specification

The Epomaker Earl Grey keycaps set is designed with extra keys such as Enter (ISO), Shift in 2.75U, ALT/FN/CTRL/MENU-1.25U, ENTER-2U, and + Keycap-2U. These additional keys provide more versatility and options for customization, allowing you to personalize your keyboard according to your preferences.

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