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GMK Panels Keycaps Set

[In Stock] GMK Panels

Technical Specifications

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[In Stock] GMK Panels
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Product Description

Introducing the GMK Panels, a keyboard design that pays homage to the iconic 1995-1996 Volkswagen Harlequin and LEGO BRICKS. This unique keyset features a carefully selected combination of 4 colors, resulting in a bold and colorful design that still maintains a sense of harmony and class.

Vibrant Color Palette

The GMK Panels keyboard showcases a vibrant color palette that is sure to catch the eye. With a combination of yellow and dark blue as the base colors, and a striking red accent color, this keyset adds a pop of color to any keyboard setup.

Premium Quality Material

Constructed from high-quality ABS material, the GMK Panels keyboard is built to last. ABS is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that your keyset will withstand the test of time.

Cherry Profile

The GMK Panels keyboard features a Cherry profile, which is a popular choice among keyboard enthusiasts. This profile offers a comfortable typing experience, with a slightly higher keycap height that allows for improved ergonomics and reduced finger fatigue.

Additional Features

  • Compatible with a wide range of keyboard layouts
  • Double-shot legends for long-lasting durability
  • Designed by Bub GMK Panels for a unique and stylish look
  • Easy installation process for hassle-free setup
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems

Elevate your keyboard setup with the GMK Panels keyset. With its vibrant color palette, premium quality material, and comfortable Cherry profile, this keyset is the perfect choice for both enthusiasts and casual users alike. Experience the nostalgia and style of the 1995-1996 Volkswagen Harlequin and LEGO BRICKS with the GMK Panels keyboard.

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