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Keyreative LeleLab Crystal SuperX s Keycaps Set

[In Stock] LeleLab Crystal SuperX ABS Keycap Sets

Technical Specifications

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[In Stock] LeleLab Crystal SuperX ABS Keycap Sets
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Product Description

The Keyreative LeleLab Crystal SuperX s is a high-quality keycap set designed by LeleLab and Keyreative. This keyboard accessory takes the Crystal series to a whole new level of clarity and aesthetics. With its innovative design and features, the Crystal SuperX s is a must-have for any keyboard enthusiast.

Crystal Clear Design

The Crystal SuperX s keycaps are designed to provide a crystal clear appearance. Unlike traditional keycaps, these keycaps have been specially crafted to remove any pin marks and reinforcement ridges on the backside. This results in a much cleaner and more visually appealing product.

Variety of Options

The Crystal SuperX s keycap set offers a wide range of options to suit any keyboard and personal aesthetic preferences. It comes in three different colors: white, white, and white. You can choose between two different finishes: high gloss or frosted. Additionally, there are two different printing options available: UV printed or blank. With these options, you can easily find the perfect fit for your keyboard.

Layout Support

The Crystal SuperX s keycap set provides comprehensive layout support, making it compatible with various keyboard layouts. The base kit includes 126 keys, offering support for ANSI, ISO UK (100%, 80%, 60%), regular 65, 75, 96, 980 layouts, and WKL (Winkeyless) support. This ensures that the keycap set can be used with a wide range of keyboards, providing versatility and convenience.

Elevate your keyboard experience with the Keyreative LeleLab Crystal SuperX s. Its crystal clear design, variety of options, and layout support make it the perfect choice for keyboard enthusiasts who value both aesthetics and functionality.

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