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Keyreative Klingon for s Keycaps Set

[In stock] KEYREATIVE - Klingon PBT Keycap Set for Mechanical Keyboards

Technical Specifications

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[In stock] KEYREATIVE - Klingon PBT Keycap Set for Mechanical Keyboards
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Product Description

The Keyreative Klingon for S is a unique and eye-catching keyboard keyset inspired by the Klingons, a powerful and traditional race from a popular sci-fi franchise. Building on the success of the previous Vulcan keyset, this new offering features dual dye sublimated legends that showcase both English and the iconic Klingon alphabet.

Design and Features

The Keyreative Klingon for S comes in two color options: black and red. The black base color is accentuated with vibrant red accents, adding a touch of boldness to the overall design. The keyset is made from high-quality PBT material, ensuring durability and longevity.

Keyset Options

The Keyreative Klingon for S is available in two keyset options: Standard Issue and GID (glow-in-the-dark). The Standard Issue keyset features dye sublimated legends, while the GID keyset has laser-etched legends on glow-in-the-dark material. Both options come with 120 keys, providing comprehensive coverage for standard ANSI layout keyboards.

Keycaps Included

The Standard Issue and GID keysets include the following keycaps:

  • R1: 1u Fn x1, 1u 0 x1, 1u 00 x1, 1u Insignia x1, 1u Menu x1, 1.75u Shift x1, 1.5u Control x2, 1.5u Alt x2, 6u spacebar x1, 7u spacebar x1
  • R2: 1.75u stepped capslock x1
  • R4: 1u novelties x3

With its striking design, dual legends, and high-quality construction, the Keyreative Klingon for S is the perfect choice for sci-fi enthusiasts and keyboard enthusiasts alike. Upgrade your keyboard setup with this unique and visually captivating keyset.

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