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Piifox Pink Story Pastel Painting Sideprinted Set

PIIFOX Pink Story Pastel Painting Side-printed Keycap

Technical Specifications

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PIIFOX Pink Story Pastel Painting Side-printed OEM ANSI Keycaps
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Product Description

The Piifox Pink Story Pastel Painting Sideprinted is a stunning keycap set that will transform your keyboard into a work of art. With its delicate and captivating pink hues, this set is reminiscent of a beautiful oil painting, adding a touch of artistic elegance to your desk.

135 Unique and Exquisitely Crafted Keys

This keycap set features 135 keys, each one uniquely designed and exquisitely crafted. From delicate petals to vibrant strokes, these keys are a true work of art, allowing you to express your creativity and make a statement with your keyboard.

The Perfect Gift

Looking for a gift that combines art, functionality, and passion? Look no further. These keycaps make for an unforgettable present that will leave a lasting impression. Surprise your loved ones with a touch of artistic elegance and inspire their creativity.

Thermal Sublimation PBT Keycaps

This keycap set is made of dye-subbed PBT keycaps, offering ultra durability and stability. The keycaps are oil-proof and fingerprint-proof, ensuring that they will maintain their beautiful appearance even with regular use.

  • OEM Profile
  • 135 Keys Keycaps Set
  • Pudding Keycaps

Designed with an OEM profile, this keycap set provides one of the most ergonomic heights for comfortable typing. It comes with 135 keys in English (US) ANSI Layout, ensuring compatibility with most keyboards.

The pudding keycaps feature a two-layer color design, which, when paired with an RGB keyboard, creates a dazzling RGB lamp effect. Add a touch of vibrancy and style to your keyboard setup.

Compatibility is not an issue with the Piifox Pink Story Pastel Painting Sideprinted. It is compatible with 61 keys, 68 keys, 82 keys, 87 keys, and 104/108 keys keyboards. It supports layouts such as 60%, 75%, 80%, 96%, and 100%, ensuring that it will fit your preferred keyboard layout.

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