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Apos Granite Keycaps Set

SA Granite Keycap Set

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SA Granite Keycap Set
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Product Description

The Kono Granite is a highly sought-after keycap design created by matt3o. It features a clean and crisp design with dye sublimated legends and vibrant color accents. This set is now available in a high profile SA Profile PBT, which is a first for the Granite design.

Group Buy

The Kono Granite is currently available for pre-order through a Group Buy. Orders will be collected starting April 11th, 2019, and the discounted Group Buy pricing will end on July 1st, 2019. This is a limited-time opportunity to get your hands on this iconic keycap set.

Optimized Manufacturing

For this production run, a few changes have been made to optimize manufacturing. The entire set will be produced in R3 SA profile, which is the same profile as the Caps Lock and Return/Enter Row. This change makes the set more beginner-friendly and affordable for enthusiasts.

Wide Compatibility

The Kono Granite is a mega-keycap set that offers coverage over a wide variety of both common and enthusiast mechanical keyboards. It is designed to provide a consistent aesthetic that can be used with all your keyboards worldwide. Whether you have a Whitefox, NightFox, Gemini Series, K-Type, Infinity Keyboard, Ergodoxian, or any other compatible keyboard, the Granite set will enhance its appearance.

  • Base Kit: This kit is compatible with keyboards such as Whitefox, NightFox, Gemini Series, K-Type, and Infinity Keyboard.

  • Base + Numpad + Extra Modifiers: This kit includes additional modifiers and is suitable for keyboards like Kira.

  • Base Text Kit: This kit is designed for standard TKL or 60-65% mechanical keyboards, including the WhiteFox and NightFox. It features text-heavy modifiers written as CTRL or ALT.

  • Base Icon Kit: For a minimalist look, this variant replaces modifier key text with arrows, diamonds, menus, and other graphics.

  • Extra Modifiers Text: Designed for keyboards with unusual-sized Stepped Caps Lock Keys or other unique needs, this kit complements the Base Text Kit.

  • Extra Modifiers Icons: This kit is intended for use with the Icon version of the Base Kit, allowing SA Granite to be used on practically any keyboard.

  • Bonus Pack: This special pack includes legendary keys like ANY KEY and is perfect for fans of Tux, Firefly, matt3o, or any geeky topic on the internet.

  • International Kit: For mechanical keyboards with special ISO layouts, the International Kit provides extensive coverage for a large section of Europe and South America.

  • Ergodoxian: This kit allows you to cover your ErgoDox keyboard in style and can be paired with the Ortholinear Kit or the Base Kit Text/Icon for a complete set.

  • Ortholinear Kit: Compatible with the Planck and Preonic keyboards by OLKB, as well as many other columnar keyboards, this kit is designed specifically for ortholinear layouts.

  • Apple Kit: If you want to ensure your mechanical keyboard has the proper Command key, the Apple Kit is the perfect choice, inspired by Apple's elegant design legacy.

  • Numpad Kit: This high-tier number pad kit includes Double 0's and coverage for condensed full-size layouts like Kira, making it suitable for most full-size keyboards when paired with a Base Kit.

  • Secondary Legends Kit: This kit is designed for minimalist keyboards with reduced key layouts, providing condensed 60% keyboard coverage with additional sub-options for each key.

  • Extra Homing: For those who use Colemak or Dvorak layouts, the Extra Homing Kit includes non-homing F and J keys, making touch typing easier.

  • Spacebar Kit: This kit offers a selection of spacebar sizes for layouts that require them.

The Kono Granite is a versatile and visually appealing keycap set that allows you to personalize and enhance your mechanical keyboard experience.

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