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Kono Symbiosis 20 Keycaps Set

SA Symbiosis 2.0 Keycap Set

Technical Specifications

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SA Symbiosis 2.0 Keycap Set
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Product Description

The Kono Symbiosis 20 is a keyboard designed with the following specifications:


The keyboard comes in two color options: grey and dark blue.

Accent Color

The accent color of the keyboard is yellow, adding a vibrant touch to its design.


The keyboard features an SA profile, which provides a comfortable typing experience.


The Kono Symbiosis 20 is made of ABS, a durable and lightweight material that ensures the longevity of the keyboard.

The SA Symbiosis 2.0 keyboard draws inspiration from the famous Space Cadet keyboard, known for its complex Hall Effect input device used with innovative LISP-based machines. The original Symbolics keyboards were engineering masterpieces, and Input Club's engineering team aims to make similar designs available to the public. The SA Symbiosis 2.0 keyboard is an updated version of the original SA Symbiosis, featuring full sculpting and improved legends/sublegends that accurately reflect the Space Cadet keyboard.

In addition to the updated design, the Kono Symbiosis 20 offers various options to cater to different preferences. It includes new novelties, a Vim pack for those who prefer Vim over Emacs, Ergodox keys, and more. The keyboard is designed to provide an enhanced typing experience and pays homage to the unique impact of the Space Cadet keyboard on computing history.

The Kono Symbiosis 20 is manufactured by Signature Plastics, known for their high-quality printing and use of doubleshot ABS material. This ensures that the legends on the keycaps will not fade or wear off over time, providing a long-lasting and visually appealing keyboard.

Join the waitlist for the Kono Symbiosis 20 and support the project inspired by the iconic Space Cadet keyboard. Experience the SA Symbiosis 2.0 and its updated features, designed to elevate your typing experience.

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