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Diykeycap Boba Fett Keycaps Set

Boba Fett keycaps

Technical Specifications

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Boba Fett keycaps
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Product Description

The Diykeycap Boba Fett is a high-quality keycap designed for keyboards. Please note that this is a keycap and not a keyboard itself. It is designed with attention to detail and features that make it stand out.


The Diykeycap Boba Fett keycap is designed with a unique color combination. The main colors are creme and dark green, giving it a distinct look. It also features accent colors of red and yellow, adding a pop of color to the design. The color scheme is inspired by the iconic character Boba Fett from the Star Wars franchise.

Profile and Material

The keycap has a cherry profile, which is a popular choice among keyboard enthusiasts. This profile provides a comfortable typing experience and is known for its ergonomic design. The keycap is made of PBT material, which is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. This ensures that the keycap will last for a long time, even with heavy use.

Compatibility and Shipping

When purchasing the Diykeycap Boba Fett, you can consult the customer service for compatibility with your keyboard. This ensures that the keycap will fit perfectly and work seamlessly with your keyboard. The package will be shipped within 0-2 working days, and the estimated delivery time is 7-15 days. This allows you to receive your keycap in a timely manner and start enjoying its unique design and features.

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