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Lamzu Thorn Mouse Skates

Lamzu Thorn Mouse Skates - Divinikey

Technical Specifications

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Lamzu Thorn Mouse Skates
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Product Description

The Lamzu Thorn Mouse Skates are high-quality replacement skates designed for the Thorn mouse. These skates come in two options: PTFE and glass. The PTFE skates are extra replacements for the Thorn, while the glass skates offer a different material option that is specifically designed for speed.

PTFE Skates

The PTFE skates are made of a durable and smooth material that ensures smooth gliding and precise movements. With their rounded edges and a thickness of 0.8mm, these skates provide excellent control and accuracy. They are perfect for gamers and professionals who require precise and responsive mouse movements.

Glass Skates

The glass skates are made of tempered glass with a coated surface. This unique material choice is specifically designed to enhance speed and reduce friction. The rounded edges and 0.8mm thickness ensure smooth and effortless gliding across any surface. If you're looking for a mouse skate that offers exceptional speed and quick movements, the glass skates are the perfect choice.


  • Manufactured by Lamzu, a trusted brand known for its high-quality gaming accessories
  • PTFE skates: Made of durable and smooth PTFE material
  • Glass skates: Made of tempered glass with a coated surface
  • Rounded edges for smooth gliding and precise movements
  • Thickness of 0.8mm for excellent control and accuracy
  • Includes 1 set of Lamzu Thorn Mouse Skates

Upgrade your gaming experience with the Lamzu Thorn Mouse Skates. Whether you prefer the PTFE skates for precise control or the glass skates for lightning-fast speed, these replacement skates will take your mouse performance to the next level.

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