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Corsair K70 MAX Mechanical Keyboard

Pre-Order CORSAIR K70 MAX RGB Mechanical Keyboard K70 MAX RGB / Magnetic Switch

Technical Specifications

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Pre-Order CORSAIR K70 MAX RGB Mechanical Keyboard
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Product Description

The Corsair K70 Max is a brand new full-sized RGB gaming mechanical keyboard that offers a range of impressive features and customization options. With its newly-developed Corsair MGX adjustable magnetic mechanical switches, this keyboard provides a unique and customizable typing experience.

Newly-Developed MGX Adjustable Magnetic Mechanical Switches

The Corsair K70 Max keyboard is equipped with fully adjustable MGX mechanical switches. These switches allow you to easily adjust the starting point of your keystroke with a precise 0.1mm adjustment level. This gives you full control over the keystroke pressure, input accuracy, and typing speed. The MGX switches also have an impressive durability of up to 100 million keystrokes.

Dual Trigger Function

The K70 Max features a newly-developed Dual-Trigger function, which allows you to adjust two functions on a single keystroke. This enhances the versatility and functionality of the keyboard, making it easier to perform complex commands and actions with just one press.

AXON Ultra-Speed Processing Technology

The Corsair K70 Max keyboard benefits from Corsair's AXON ultra-speed processing technology. This allows the keyboard to support a maximum polling rate of up to 8000Hz, resulting in an ultra-low response time. With this technology, every single key press is registered perfectly, ensuring you never experience ghosting issues or missing keystrokes.

In addition to these standout features, the Corsair K70 Max also offers a dual-layered sound-shock absorbing padded structure, an etched aluminum alloy frame, an aluminum alloy volume wheel, and a detachable magnetic palm rest. The keyboard supports a stunning RGB backlight with 16.8 million colors and multiple lighting effects. It also features durable PBT material keycaps and dedicated media keys for easy control. With its Type-C wired connectivity and full-sized layout, the Corsair K70 Max is a top-of-the-line gaming keyboard that delivers exceptional performance and customization options.

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