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Denshi Electronic DE67+ DIY Mechanical Keyboard

DE67+ RGB ANSI HOT-SWAP DIY KIT ABS White / No thanks / No thanks
Denshi Electronic DE67+ DIY
Denshi Electronic DE67+ DIY
DE67+ RGB ANSI HOT-SWAP DIY KIT ABS White / No thanks / No thanks

Technical Specifications

Denshi Electronic
Product type:
Keyboard Kit
Normal Profile
Layout standard:
Layout ergonomics:
Knob support:
Rgb support:
Display support:
Battery capacity:
No battery
Mount style:
Plate Mount
Case material:
Keycap material:

Purchase Options

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Denshi Electronic
$82 - $167
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Product Description

The Denshi Electronic DE67+ DIY is a high-quality keyboard kit that allows you to build your own customized keyboard. This kit includes all the necessary components to create a fully functional keyboard, including a plastic ABS case, silicone pads, a PCB with a wired connection and hot-swap capability, and a steel plate. The layout of the keyboard is a standard ANSI layout with 67 keys, providing a compact and efficient typing experience.


1. Hot-Swap Compatibility: The DE67+ DIY is compatible with both 3-pin and 5-pin switches, allowing you to easily customize the feel and sound of your keyboard by swapping out different switches without the need for soldering.

2. Multimedia Control: The keyboard features a convenient rotary knob for multimedia control, allowing you to easily adjust volume, play/pause music, and navigate through media content.

3. RGB Backlighting: Each key on the DE67+ DIY is equipped with individual RGB lighting, allowing you to customize the keyboard's appearance with a wide range of vibrant colors and lighting effects.

4. Plate Foam: The included plate foam helps to reduce the sound of keystrokes, providing a quieter and more enjoyable typing experience.

5. Basic Factory Cable: The kit includes a basic 1m USB A-C cable for easy connectivity to your computer.

Included Components:

  • Caja x1
  • PCB x1
  • Plate x1
  • Estabilizadores, set de 60% x1
  • Plate foam x1
  • Cable básico Denshi 1m USB A-C x1
  • Tornillos y almohadillas de silicona para la base de la caja

Please note that this DIY kit does not include keycaps. You can find compatible keycaps for this kit in our collection. It is important to test the PCB before soldering the components to ensure proper functionality. In case of any issues, we cannot accept returns for the product.

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