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Skyloong GK98 Mechanical Keyboard

SKYLOONG GK98 ISO / Iceberg Optical Yellow

Technical Specifications

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Normal Profile
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Knob support:
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Battery capacity:
No battery
Mount style:
Gasket Mount
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Product Description

Model SKYLOONG GK98 Wired-only

The SKYLOONG GK98 is a wired-only keyboard made with ABS plastic for the case material and steel for the plate material. It features a Type-C to USB connection for easy connectivity. The keyboard has anti-ghost key NKRO technology, ensuring accurate and responsive keystrokes. The single-color backlights provide visibility in low-light environments. With a size of 394*144*44 mm and weighing about 1000g, the GK98 is compact and portable. The package includes the keyboard, an instructional manual, a Type-C cable, and a keycap-switch puller.

1800 Compact Wired Keyboard with A Rotary Knob

The SKYLOONG GK98 is a compact keyboard with a numpad, making it ideal for tasks that involve working with numbers. It is an upgraded version of a classic keyboard, featuring a rotary knob for media control. The knob can be remapped using the proprietary software, allowing users to customize their keyboard according to their typing habits. Being a wired-only keyboard, the GK98 eliminates the need to worry about low battery issues commonly associated with wireless keyboards.

Shallow Gasket Structure & Bottom Foam

The GK98 keyboard is designed with a patented Shallow Gasket structure, which includes an all-in-one silicone pad made of lightweight liquid silicone. This pad is precisely crafted to match each switch and is inserted between the PCB board and the plate. The Shallow Gasket silicone pad addresses the traditional design's drawback of lacking support in the main typing area and also provides cushioning for shock absorption with every keystroke. Additionally, the keyboard features a foam layer at the bottom to reduce hollow sounds and enhance the typing experience.

Hot-swappable for 1-pin Optical Switches

The SKYLOONG GK98 keyboard is equipped with hot-swappable terminals specifically designed for 1-pin optical switches. Unlike traditional mechanical switches, the optical switches are triggered by laser through the contact point. This design ensures a longer lifespan compared to general mechanical switches. The Gateron optical switches used in the GK98 do not have metal pins, resulting in better sound quality and extended durability.

High-quality ABS Keycaps in Unique GK5 Profile

The GK98 keyboard features high-quality ABS keycaps that are convenient for molding in the double-shot process. The unique GK5 profile adopts a spherical shape, ensuring an ergonomic typing angle. Additionally, the keycaps are designed to fit north-facing LEDs without any interference, providing a visually pleasing experience. The GK98 keyboard is programmable and compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. Users can create macros, remap keys, and customize the knob using the provided software. The built-in flash memory ensures that settings are saved even in offline mode, eliminating the risk of losing personalized configurations.

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