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Green Chow shop Backlight Keycap Keycaps Set

Backlight Keycap

Technical Specifications

Green Chow shop
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Backlight Keycap
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Product Description

The Green Chow shop Backlight Keycap is a 61-key PBT keycap designed for GH60, RK61, ALT61, Annie, and Poker keyboards. Made with PBT material, this keycap is durable and long-lasting. It features a two-color backlight design, with colors available in pink and light blue. The keycap is designed in the Cherry profile, providing a comfortable typing experience.

Free Keycap Puller

With every purchase of the Green Chow shop Backlight Keycap, we provide a free keycap puller. This tool makes it easy to remove and replace keycaps, allowing you to customize your keyboard effortlessly.


This keycap is suitable for various mechanical keyboard types, including Mechanic 87/104, mechanical storm Milo abdomen spirit o IKBC skua GANSS magic duck fairly RK kay cool KBT cool cold XT/aurora FICO black Joe AK47/104 IKBC POKER/F/G series 96 pro cherry NOPPOO name PLUM, and more. However, please note that it may not be compatible with all keyboards, so it is essential to carefully review the product details before purchasing.


1. Please allow a slight size error due to manual measurement.

2. The color tone of the keycap may vary slightly from the website's photo due to lighting effects and monitor settings.

3. This product is not suitable for all keyboards, so it is recommended that buyers carefully review the product details and determine compatibility with their own keyboard.

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