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GMK Sun Surfing Keycaps Set

GMK Sunset Surfing Keycap Set

Technical Specifications

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GMK Sunset Surfing Keycap Set
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GMK Sunset Surfing
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Product Description

GMK Sun Surfing Keyset

Experience the nostalgia of the golden age of big wave surfing with the GMK Sun Surfing Keyset. Inspired by legendary surfers and enchanting Hawaiian sunsets, this keyset captures the essence of catching the perfect wave as the sun dips below the horizon.

Tubular Material and Profile

Crafted by GMK, this keyset features Doubleshot ABS plastic, known for its durability and long-lasting color vibrancy. The classic Cherry profile provides an unmatched typing experience, just like carving an untouched wave.

Customizable Kits for Your Perfect Surf

Choose from a variety of customizable kits to create your perfect surf-themed keyboard:

  • Base Kit: This comprehensive set includes everything you need for compact to full-sized keyboards, num pads, ISO, and other common keyboard types. It's the ideal starting point to ride the wave of the Sunset Surfing Keyset.

  • Mono Alphas Kit: If you love contrast, the Mono Alphas kit is for you. It features alpha keys in a contrasting color, allowing you to highlight those essential keys and add a personal touch to your keyboard.

  • Spacebars Kit: This expansion set provides additional spacebars and space bar clusters, making it perfect for various ergonomic and split keyboards. It ensures that every space on your board, no matter its layout, can catch the sunset surfing vibe.

  • Novelties Kit: Want to add a touch of surf culture to your kit? The Novelties kit comes with special keys depicting sunsets, surf boards, and breaking waves.

Product Highlights

  • A keyset that pays homage to the golden age of big wave surfing
  • Vivid, complementary colors inspired by the ocean and setting sun
  • Doubleshot ABS plastic for durability and color longevity
  • Classic Cherry profile for a pleasing typing experience
  • A large, practical deskmat with a stitched edge


  • Keyset designed by Archerypro459
  • Produced by GMK
  • Material: Doubleshot ABS Plastic
  • Profile: Cherry

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