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GMK Dualshot R2 Keycaps Set

[In Stock] GMK Dualshot R2

Technical Specifications

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In Stock

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[In Stock] GMK Dualshot R2
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Product Description

The GMK Dualshot R2 is a keyboard designed by omnityper that pays homage to the first generation PlayStation gaming console. With its classic gray color scheme and red accents, this keyboard brings back the nostalgia of childhood gaming. Made with high-quality materials and featuring Cherry profile keycaps, the GMK Dualshot R2 is a must-have for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

Design and Features

The GMK Dualshot R2 comes in two color options: gray and gray. The gray color represents the classic look of the PlayStation console, while the red accents add a touch of vibrancy. The keycaps are made from ABS plastic, ensuring durability and a smooth texture.

This keyboard features the Cherry profile, which provides a comfortable typing experience. The keycaps have a polished aluminum finish with a four-color enamel in-fill, giving them a sleek and stylish look.

Keyset Options

The GMK Dualshot R2 is available in several keyset options to suit different preferences. The Standard (Base) kit includes all the necessary keycaps for a standard keyboard layout. The Katakana (Base) kit features keycaps with Katakana characters, perfect for Japanese language users.

In addition to the base kits, there are Novelties and Accent Addition kits available. The Novelties kit includes unique keycaps with gaming-inspired designs, while the Accent Addition kit provides additional keycaps in red to further enhance the red accents on the keyboard.

For those looking to add a touch of artistry to their keyboard, the GMK Dualshot R2 offers RAMA x Dualshot Artisan Metal artisans. These metal artisans are MX compatible and can be ordered separately from the keyset.

Packaging and Shipping

The GMK Dualshot R2 keysets are packed and shipped in GMK's environmentally friendly trays and custom packaging. This ensures that the keycaps are protected during transit and arrive in pristine condition.

GMK is a renowned German electronics company specializing in mechanical keyboards and custom peripherals. With their acquisition of Cherry Corp's original doubleshot ABS tooling, GMK produces high-quality keycaps that are known for their satisfying thock sound, smooth texture, and long-lasting designs.


  • Color: Gray, Gray
  • Accent color: Red
  • Profile: Cherry
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Manufactured by: GMK electronic design GmbH
  • Made in: Germany

Shipping Information

The GMK Dualshot R2 is currently in stock and ready to ship. Orders are typically shipped within 5 business days. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout. Please note that fulfillments may be delayed during holidays.

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