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GMK Electric Keycaps Set

[In Stock] GMK Electric

Technical Specifications

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[In Stock] GMK Electric
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Product Description

The GMK Electric keyboard is a unique and stylish keyboard designed with inspiration from electrical engineering. It features a clean colorway with a black base color and a striking light blue accent color. The keyboard is designed in the SA profile, which provides a comfortable and ergonomic typing experience. The keycaps are made of high-quality ABS material, ensuring durability and longevity.

Novelty Kits

The GMK Electric keyboard comes with two novelty kits that add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your typing experience. These kits include a wide variety of electrical symbols such as transistors, AC/DC power, diodes, inductors, capacitors, NAND gates, resistors, and more. These symbols are intricately designed and add a visually appealing element to your keyboard.

Dark Alphas Kit

In addition to the default gray alphas, the GMK Electric keyboard also offers a sleek alternative called the Dark Alphas kit. This kit features a dark color scheme that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your keyboard. The Dark Alphas kit is perfect for those who prefer a more understated and minimalist look.

Matching Accessories

Alongside the GMK keycaps, the GMK Electric keyboard also offers a range of matching accessories to complete your setup. These accessories include a matching deskmat, resin artisan, two metal artisans, and a coiled cable. These accessories are designed to perfectly complement the keyboard and enhance your overall typing experience.

After four years of anticipation, the GMK Electric keyboard is finally becoming a reality. Originally introduced in SA profile under a different name, this keyboard has undergone extensive development and refinement to ensure the highest quality and performance. With its unique design, high-quality materials, and range of customization options, the GMK Electric keyboard is the perfect choice for both enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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