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GMK Houhai Keycaps Set

[In Stock] GMK Houhai

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In Stock

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[In Stock] GMK Houhai
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Product Description

The GMK Houhai is a unique and visually stunning keycap set designed by grundlemere. Inspired by the vibrant sights of Beijing at night, this set captures the essence of the city's bustling energy and rich cultural heritage. With its custom RAL colors and full Chinese character legends, the GMK Houhai is a true representation of the ancient-futurist aesthetic.

Ancient-Futurist Design

The GMK Houhai keycap set is a perfect blend of ancient and futuristic elements. The warm, hazy grey color of the keycaps evokes the Beijing night sky, while the fluorescent red alpha legends reflect the vibrant neons that illuminate the city sidewalks. The modifiers come in shades of cobalt, aqua, jade, gold, and clean white, inspired by the ornate woodwork of historic sites and the kaleidoscope of city lights.

Full Chinese Character Legends

What sets the GMK Houhai apart is its full Chinese character legends. It is the first GMK set to feature this unique design, making it a must-have for Chinese typists. The legends are based on the Cangjie typing system, which is widely used in China. Whether you use Cangjie, Pinyin, or Latin characters, this keycap set is fully functional and caters to all typists.

Premium Quality Materials

The GMK Houhai keycap set is crafted with the highest quality materials to ensure durability and a satisfying typing experience. Made from ABS, a durable and long-lasting plastic, these keycaps are built to withstand heavy use without losing their vibrant colors. The Cherry profile provides a comfortable typing angle and enhances the overall aesthetic of your keyboard.

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