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GMK Trackday Keycaps Set

[In Stock] GMK Trackday

Technical Specifications

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[In Stock] GMK Trackday
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Product Description

The GMK Trackday is a keyboard designed by biip, inspired by motorsport. It features a clean gray and white color scheme with dashing blue and blazing red accents. This keyboard is perfect for those who want to add a touch of speed and style to their typing experience.

Color and Accent

The GMK Trackday comes in a sleek combination of white and dark blue colors. The accent color of this keyboard is a vibrant light blue, which adds a pop of color to the overall design. The combination of these colors creates a visually appealing and modern look.

Profile and Material

The GMK Trackday keyboard features the popular Cherry profile, which provides a comfortable typing experience. The keycaps are made of ABS material, known for its durability and smooth texture. This ensures that the keyboard will withstand heavy use and maintain its high-quality feel over time.

Speed and Style

With the GMK Trackday, you can feel your fingers zoom across the keyboard. The sleek design and vibrant accents evoke a sense of speed and excitement, making typing a more enjoyable and immersive experience. Whether you're a motorsport enthusiast or simply appreciate a stylish keyboard, the GMK Trackday is sure to impress.

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