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Signature Plastics SP PetriKeys Keycaps Set

[In Stock] SP DSA PetriKeys

Technical Specifications

Signature Plastics
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In Stock

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[In Stock] SP DSA PetriKeys
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Product Description

The Signature Plastics SP PetriKeys is a unique and visually stunning keycap set designed by yooj.key. Inspired by bioluminescent petri dishes, this set features a beautiful gradient color scheme that incorporates dark blue, light blue, and a pop of pink accent color. The addition of white keycaps adds a clean and laboratory-like aesthetic to the overall design.

Bioluminescent Inspiration

The SP PetriKeys keycap set draws inspiration from the mesmerizing colors found in bioluminescence. The gradient blues and greens used in the design mimic the ethereal glow emitted by bioluminescent organisms. This creates a captivating and eye-catching appearance for your keyboard.

Custom Mod Icons

One of the standout features of the SP PetriKeys is the inclusion of custom mod icons. These icons are specially designed to resemble the rounded shapes of petri dishes, further enhancing the theme of the keycap set. The attention to detail in the mod icons adds a unique touch to your keyboard setup.

DSA Profile

The SP PetriKeys keycap set features a DSA profile, which offers a comfortable and uniform typing experience. The low-profile design of the keycaps ensures that each key is easily accessible and provides a smooth and consistent feel across the entire keyboard. Whether you are a typist or a gamer, the DSA profile of the SP PetriKeys will enhance your typing or gaming performance.

  • Unique and visually stunning keycap set
  • Inspired by bioluminescent petri dishes
  • Gradient color scheme with dark blue, light blue, and pink accent color
  • White keycaps for a clean and laboratory-like aesthetic
  • Custom mod icons based on the rounded shapes of petri dishes
  • DSA profile for a comfortable and uniform typing experience

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