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KBDFans Bow All White Keycaps Set

KBDfans Bow All White Cherry Keycaps Set

Technical Specifications

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KBDfans Bow All White Cherry ANSI Keycaps
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Product Description

The KBDFans Bow All White is a high-quality keyboard designed with a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. Its all-white color scheme with black accent keys adds a touch of elegance to any desk setup.

Superior Material

This keyboard is made from durable PBT material, which ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to wear and tear. PBT keycaps are known for their high-quality construction and are less prone to shine over time compared to ABS keycaps.

Comfortable Typing Experience

The Bow All White features a Cherry profile, which is a popular choice among keyboard enthusiasts. This profile provides a comfortable and ergonomic typing experience, allowing for a more natural hand position and reducing strain on the wrists.

Double Shot Keycaps

The keycaps on the Bow All White are produced using a doubleshot production method. This means that the legends on the keycaps are molded into the plastic, ensuring that they will never fade or wear off. The doubleshot process also allows for the creation of more intricate and detailed legends, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the keyboard.

Customizable Options

The KBDFans Bow All White is a versatile keyboard that can be customized to suit your preferences. It is compatible with various switch types, allowing you to choose the switches that best suit your typing style. Additionally, the keyboard supports programmability, so you can remap keys and create custom macros to enhance your productivity.


The KBDFans Bow All White is manufactured by PBTfans, a reputable company known for producing high-quality keyboard components. With their expertise and attention to detail, you can trust that the Bow All White is a reliable and well-crafted keyboard.

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