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Kiiboom Violet Keycaps Set

KiiBOOM Violet Keycap Set

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KiiBOOM Violet Keycap Set
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Product Description

Introducing the Kiiboom Violet, a keyboard keycap that combines the elegance of violet with the functionality of everyday technology. This keycap is more than just a product; it is a work of art, a fragment of nature, and a touch of technology rolled into one.

Elegance of Violet

The Kiiboom Violet features a PC plate, which provides a bouncing typing experience and avoids metal sounds that can be caused by metal plates. With a PC plate, the keyboard sounds more "thocc," enhancing the overall typing experience.

Delicate Lilac Palette

This enchanting keycap is adorned in delicate shades of lilac, casting a soothing yet invigorating hue. The surface of the keycap is delicately imprinted with intricate violets, capturing the essence of spring and the reawakening of nature. Each glance at these keys transports you to serene meadows where violets dance with the gentle breeze.

Unique Design Technique

The Kiiboom Violet stands out from conventional keycap designs with its unique factory side-engraving technique. Unlike typical keycaps where the font is on the top, the font on the Kiiboom Violet elegantly resides on the side. This placement enhances clarity, visibility, and adds a dimension of depth, transforming each keystroke into an immersive experience.

Experience a fusion of art, nature, and technology with the Kiiboom Violet. Embrace the serene symphony of nature with every tap and let the violets whisper their tales to your fingertips.

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