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MelGeek MG Ember Keycaps Set

MelGeek MG Ember Keycap Set

Technical Specifications

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MelGeek MG Ember Keycap Set
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MelGeek MG Ember
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Product Description

The MelGeek MG Ember Keycap Set is a mechanical keyboard accessory that captures the dim, resilient glow of sodium-vapor lights. Its color palette symbolizes perseverance and hope, with dying embers representing humanity's struggle. This set not only offers a unique aesthetic but also features the new MG High-Profile design, providing a comfortable typing experience.

Aesthetic Inspiration

The colorway of the MG Ember Keycap Set is inspired by the novel and film "Ember." It portrays the essence of determination with its subtle interplay of shades, capturing the mood of a world on the brink. This visual narrative goes beyond mere appearance, adding depth to your keyboard setup.

MG High-Profile

The MG High-Profile design of the MelGeek MG Ember Keycap Set is influenced by Topre HiPro. It offers a sculpted feel that aligns with the natural curve of your fingers, ensuring a comfortable typing experience. This unique profile adds to the thematic coherence of the product.

Doubleshot ABS Legends

Quality is paramount, and the MG Ember Keycap Set features Doubleshot ABS legends. These keycaps are crafted with precision to ensure that the legends never fade, allowing the Ember glow to persist through years of use. The durability of these legends guarantees a lasting impression.

  • Kit Options: The MG Ember Keycap Set is available in different kit options to suit your preferences. Choose from Dusk Base, Dawn Base, Aurora Base, Novelties, Fluor Kit, and Lamp Kit.

  • Product Highlights: The MelGeek MG Ember Keycap Set features the new MG High-Profile design, Doubleshot ABS legends, and MX compatibility. It is designed to portray perseverance until dawn and offers wide-ranging usability.

  • Specifications: The profile of the keycaps is New MG High-Profile, and the printing method used is Doubleshot ABS. The set is compatible with MX switches and is produced by MelGeek.

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