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MelGeek MG Salmon Keycaps Set

MelGeek MG Salmon Keycap Set

Technical Specifications

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MelGeek MG Salmon Keycap Set
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MelGeek MG Salmon
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Product Description

MelGeek MG Salmon

The MelGeek MG Salmon is a mechanical keyboard that combines aesthetics and functionality. With its distinct salmon-inspired hue, this keyboard adds a burst of color and personality to your workspace. Made with high-profile ABS plastic and MX compatibility, the MG Salmon offers both visual charm and practicality.

Everclear Legends: Doubleshot Legends

The MG Salmon features Everclear legends with doubleshot technology. This means that the legends are molded into the keycaps, ensuring high contrast visibility and clear definition for every keystroke. Whether you're typing emails or working on important projects, the MG Salmon provides a seamless typing experience.

Built for Durability: High-Profile ABS Plastic Material

The MG Salmon is built to last with its high-profile ABS plastic material. This construction ensures that the keycaps can withstand the rigors of everyday typing, making it a durable companion for your keyboard. Say goodbye to worn-out keycaps and enjoy a long-lasting typing experience.

Variety of Kit Options

The MG Salmon offers a variety of kit options to suit your preferences:

  • Base Kit: This comprehensive kit includes keys for compact to full-sized keyboards. It covers num pads, ISO layouts, and other common keyboard types, providing a complete set for most keyboard configurations.

  • Sushi Novelty Kit: Add a fun and playful touch to your keyboard with this special set inspired by sushi. It features keys depicting fish, sushi rolls, and fishbones, bringing the charm of sushi to your typing experience.

  • Alternative Kit: Give a fresh look to your keyboard's top row or replace your most used keys with this kit. It offers extra keys for print and the F-row, allowing you to customize your keyboard to your liking.

  • Space Kit: This kit includes Up, Down, Left, and Right keys, along with three different space bar lengths. Perfect for those who want to personalize their keyboard's navigation and space bar keys.

Product Highlights

  • Salmon-inspired hue for a vibrant keyboard aesthetic
  • Doubleshot legends for high contrast visibility
  • High-profile ABS plastic material for durability
  • MX compatibility for versatile use


  • Produced by MelGeek
  • Designed by Mars
  • Material: High-Profile ABS plastic
  • Keycap Process: Doubleshot Legends
  • Compatibility: MX

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