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PBTfans Pelican Keycaps Set

PBTfans Pelican Keycap Set Doubleshot ABS

Technical Specifications

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PBTfans Pelican Keycap Set Doubleshot ABS
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Product Description

The PBTfans Pelican Keycaps are a unique and stylish addition to any keyboard. Inspired by the long beak flying creatures, these keycaps feature a black and beige feather design with a vibrant yellow accent color representing the pelican's beak. The colorway was captured from the pelican standing on the lake at sunset, creating a beautiful and eye-catching aesthetic.


Pelicans, belonging to the genus Pelecanus, are large water birds known for their long beaks and large throat pouches. These keycaps draw inspiration from the pelican's distinctive features, with the yellow color representing its significant beak and the black and beige feathers adding a touch of elegance. Even the smallest details are taken into account, with pink accents adding an extra level of sophistication.


The PBTfans Pelican Keycaps are designed with the following specifications:

  • Color: Creme, Black
  • Accent Color: Yellow
  • Profile: Cherry
  • Material: ABS


The PBTfans Pelican Keycaps offer a range of features that make them a great choice for keyboard enthusiasts:

  • Cherry Profile: The keycaps are designed with a Cherry profile, providing a comfortable and ergonomic typing experience.
  • Manufactured by PBTfans: These keycaps are manufactured by PBTfans, a renowned brand known for their high-quality keyboard accessories.
  • ABS Material: Made from ABS, these keycaps are durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Doubleshot: The keycaps are doubleshot, meaning the legends are molded into the keycaps, ensuring they won't fade or wear off over time.
  • MX Compatible: These keycaps are compatible with MX switches, making them suitable for a wide range of mechanical keyboards.
  • Available in Multiple Sets: The PBTfans Pelican Keycaps are available in various sets, including the base set, numpad set, and spacebar set, allowing you to customize your keyboard to your liking.
  • Optional Deskmat: Complete your setup with the optional PBTfans Pelican Deskmat, featuring a matching design that perfectly complements the keycaps.

Please note that these keycaps are currently available for pre-order and are expected to ship in late November. If you choose to pre-order, your order will be shipped once the keycaps arrive at our facility. You can also combine pre-order items with in-stock items in a single order.

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