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Ninjutso Sora 4K Superlight Mouse

Ninjutso Sora 4K Superlight Gaming Mouse - Divinikey
Ninjutso Sora 4K Superlight Gaming Mouse - Divinikey
Ninjutso Sora 4K Superlight Gaming Mouse - Divinikey
Ninjutso Sora 4K Superlight Gaming Mouse - Divinikey
Ninjutso Sora 4K Superlight Gaming Mouse - Divinikey

Technical Specifications

Max DPI:
Rgb support:
2.4 GHz
Battery capacity:

Purchase Options

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Ninjutso Sora 4K Superlight Gaming Mouse
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Product Description

The Ninjutso Sora 4K Superlight Mouse is a meticulously designed gaming mouse that offers exceptional performance and comfort. With its innovative structure design, this mouse eliminates side flex, creaking, and holes, ensuring a solid and durable construction. Weighing in at just 47 grams, it is incredibly lightweight, making it perfect for gamers who prefer a claw grip-style or fingertip grip.

Superior Sensor and MCU

The Ninjutso Sora 4K is equipped with a high-precision Pixart PAW3395 sensor, delivering accurate and responsive tracking for enhanced gaming performance. The Nordic nRF52840 MCU ensures fast and reliable communication between the mouse and your computer, minimizing input lag and providing a seamless gaming experience.

Responsive Switches and Maximum DPI

Featuring Omron Optical switches, the Sora 4K offers exceptional durability and responsiveness, with a lifespan of up to 50 million clicks. With a maximum DPI of 26000, you can customize the sensitivity to suit your gaming style and achieve precise cursor control.

Wired and Wireless Connectivity

The Ninjutso Sora 4K offers both wired and wireless connectivity options. Connect the mouse to your computer using the wired USB-C connection for a lag-free and uninterrupted gaming experience. Alternatively, you can use the included USB receiver to enjoy wireless 2.4GHz connectivity, providing you with the freedom to move around without the hassle of cables.

  • High-Precision Encoder and Scroll Wheel: The TTC - 9mm scroll wheel ensures smooth scrolling and precise control, allowing you to navigate through documents or webpages effortlessly.
  • Customizable Buttons: The Sora 4K features two side buttons that can be programmed to perform various functions, giving you quick access to commands and macros.
  • Long Battery Life: With a battery life of up to 90 hours, you can enjoy extended gaming sessions without worrying about running out of power. The mouse can be conveniently charged using the included USB-C charging cable.
  • Stylish Design: The Ninjutso Sora 4K is available in four attractive colors - Black, Pink, Red, and White. Choose the color that suits your style and gaming setup.
  • Includes Essential Accessories: The mouse comes with a USB receiver, USB-C charging cable, extension adapter, and a set of replacement skates, ensuring you have everything you need for an optimal gaming experience.

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