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Redragon TL84 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

REDRAGON TL84 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard Dark Grey / Low profile Blue Switch-three mode
Redragon TL84 Low Profile
Redragon TL84 Low Profile
REDRAGON TL84 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard Grey Yellow / Low profile Blue Switch-three mode
REDRAGON TL84 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard Dark Grey / Low profile Blue Switch-three mode

Technical Specifications

Product type:
Low Profile
Layout size:
Layout standard:
Layout ergonomics:
Knob support:
Rgb support:
Display support:
2.4 GHz
Battery capacity:
Mount style:
Case material:
Keycap material:

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REDRAGON TL84 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard
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Product Description

The Redragon TL84 Low Profile is a brand new compact 75% mechanical keyboard with an elegant low-profile design. It is designed with the user's comfort and convenience in mind, offering a range of features that enhance the typing experience.

Compact 75% Layout

The TL84 features a compact 75% layout, which means it has all the essential keys while taking up less space on your desk. This makes it perfect for those who want a smaller keyboard without sacrificing functionality.

Anodised Aluminum Alloy Frame

The keyboard is built with a durable anodised aluminum alloy frame, providing a solid and sturdy construction. This not only enhances the keyboard's durability but also adds a sleek and premium look to your setup.

Three-Mode Connectivity

The TL84 offers three different connectivity options to suit your preferences. You can connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth 3.0/5.0 or 2.4GHz, or use the wired USB Type-C connection. This flexibility allows you to connect the keyboard to any device of your choice.

  • Low-Profile PBT Keycaps: The TL84 features low-profile PBT keycaps that are not only durable but also provide a comfortable typing experience. The rounded top design of the keycaps ensures a smooth and ergonomic feel.
  • Custom-Developed Low-Profile Mechanical Switches: Redragon has developed custom low-profile mechanical switches specifically for the TL84. These switches are available in Blue (Clicky) and Red (Linear) options, allowing you to choose the one that suits your typing style.
  • Hot-Swappable Low-Profile Sockets: The TL84 supports hot-swappable sockets, which means you can easily replace the switches without soldering. This allows you to customize your typing experience and try out different switch options.
  • Adjustable Height, Comfortable Typing Angle: The keyboard comes with adjustable height settings, allowing you to find the most comfortable typing angle for your wrists. This helps reduce strain and fatigue during long typing sessions.
  • Dynamic RGB Backlight: The TL84 features a dynamic RGB backlight that adds a touch of style to your setup. It offers 20 different lighting effects that can be switched freely, including musical rhythmic effects for an immersive typing experience.
  • Full-Key Conflict Free Typing: With full-key conflict-free typing, you can press multiple keys simultaneously without any interference. This ensures accurate and responsive keystrokes, making it ideal for gaming and fast-paced typing tasks.
  • Supports Windows/Mac Dual System: The TL84 is compatible with both Windows and MacOS devices, allowing you to seamlessly switch between different operating systems without any hassle.
  • Stunning Color Options: The TL84 is available in a range of stunning color options, allowing you to choose the one that matches your personal style and aesthetic.

Overall, the Redragon TL84 Low Profile is a feature-packed mechanical keyboard that combines style, comfort, and functionality. Whether you're a gamer, programmer, or casual typist, this keyboard offers a seamless and enjoyable typing experience.

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