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Epomaker Lavender Keycaps Set

EPOMAKER Lavender Keycaps Set

Technical Specifications

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EPOMAKER Lavender Keycaps Set
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Product Description

The Epomaker Lavender keycaps set is a stunning addition to any mechanical keyboard, designed to capture the essence of twilight in a field of lavender.

Cherry Profile

The keycaps in this set come in Cherry Profile, sculpted to fit the natural curve of your fingertips for a comfortable and ergonomic typing experience. The slightly concave top surface and gentle curve towards the bottom ensure ease and accuracy in every keystroke. Compatible with Cherry MX and similar stem switches like Kailh, Gateron, and Zealio, these keycaps are versatile and loved by mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

Double Shot PBT Material

  • Crafted from Double Shot PBT for quality and durability
  • Top-facing legends for a clean and enduring look
  • Resistant to wear for long-lasting use

Side-Printed & RGB Shine Through Legends

Designed for modern keyboard enthusiasts, these keycaps feature side-printed legends that allow your keyboard's RGB backlighting to shine through. This creates a subtle and enchanting glow that highlights your keys without overwhelming the eyes, perfect for users who appreciate sophistication in their keyboard's design.

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